Advanced Dental Care

Tooth Whitening

Smile with Confidence

A bright smile is more than just healthy. It can boost your self-confidence and make you stand out for a good reason.

Advanced Dental Care has been whitening and cleaning clients’ teeth successfully, giving each a smile worth showing off.

Boston’s Brightest Smiles

Advanced Dental Care specializes in the latest tooth whitening processes for Boston’s best glistening smiles. We take our the time to make sure your results look natural while ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your tooth whitening treatment. The results Advanced Dental Care offers are more dramatic and lasting than other methods of teeth whitening.

Tooth Whitening For Everyone

Tooth whitening is a treatment requested by a variety of people. Over time, some yellowing or discoloration of the teeth will occur. This slow change can be caused by aging, staining substances (such as tobacco), or the deterioration of a tooth’s nerve system.

Advanced Dental Care can reverse these harmful processes and give you the brighter smile you always wanted. Please contact us to learn more about our tooth whitening treatments and to schedule an appointment.